Gardening without compost is almost unthinkable. Unlike soil, there are different brands of compost on the market and all of them aren’t made equal. If you need to make new garden beds with fresh soil, you can search for “topsoil near me” and buy some from the nearest shop for your garden. For now, let’s check out the benefits of using Less Mess premium compost.

The Benefits

1. Inexpensive compared to chemical fertilizers – Most people who have a small garden in their backyard grow organic food using home-grown compost. However, you often don’t have enough space or enough organic waste to turn it into compost. Homeowners usually buy compost from the store when they run out of it at home. However, store-bought compost is usually very expensive.

That’s why some gardeners turn to cheaper chemical fertilizers to feed their soil. This isn’t just bad for the environment, but also for your own garden. Chemical fertilizers kill all the microbes in the soil, destroy the soil structure and pollute it as well. Less Mess premium compost is a cheap and organic compost that can compete with those chemical fertilizers so that you don’t need to compromise between your budget and your soil health.

2. Slow release of nutrients – While Less Mess premium compost is an organic compost, it has a few beneficial properties similar to chemical fertilizers. One of them is the slow release of nutrients. Regular home-grown compost can’t slowly release nutrients. Instead, it is amended with the soil and all the nutrients get spread out evenly. Whatever’s left is used by the worms and microbes in the soil to indirectly feed it. 

Contrary to that, Less Mess premium compost is a slow-release compost that is stable and slowly releases nutrients into the soil so that the plants can absorb it optimally over the season. You don’t need to add compost multiple times over the season and save your energy for something else. Since this compost is biologically dynamic it allows you to keep your plants healthy with less effort and fewer risks. You don’t need to worry about the plants getting burned.

3. Easy on the roots – Less Mess also does what regular compost does, just better. It acts as an effective soil conditioner that can easily modify the structure of the soil and the overall fertility. It can make your hard and clayey soil have a looser texture that’s better for drainage and aeration. That kind of soil texture and structure is ideal for roots.

It becomes easier for roots to breathe and less susceptible to diseases and rotting. Moreover, they are also able to absorb nutrients more easily as the water mixes with nutrients in the compost amended soil and carries it all to the roots. With an improved soil texture, your plants would grow healthier with fewer risks.

4. Accelerates nutrient cycling – Less Mess premium compost is made from organic matter that was decomposed aerobically. It was made from grass clippings, wood chips, yard trimmings, leaves, paper fiber, bark, and all kinds of unadulterated organic waste. All that “green” and “brown” organic waste rich in nitrogen and carbon gets decomposed into rich black organic compost. When you add that compost into the soil, it accelerates the nutrient cycling that is necessary for your garden plants to thrive and grow strong or produce a bountiful harvest.  

5. Improved water retention – Adding this compost doesn’t just improve drainage, but also helps amp up the water retention capability of the soil. When the soil can hold the right amount of water instead of draining everything down with minimal resistance, the delicate ecosystem within the soil begins to thrive. It increases the activity of beneficial microbes and worms. Moreover, your plants get hydrated for a longer period and can resist the scorching sun.

6. Minimizes erosion – Adding this compost to your soil also helps to minimize soil erosion. If you have your garden on a hill, a slope, or any type of incline, it is more susceptible to erosion due to wind and rain. When you amend the soil with Less Mess premium compost, you can prevent runoffs and reduce soil erosion drastically. This also indirectly helps the water bodies in and near your property. With reduced soil erosion and runoff, the nearby streams and ponds don’t get muddy or turbid. That means the aquatic life in those bodies of water stays protected.

7. Improves plant nutrition – You also grow more nutrient-rich plants when you use less messy premium compost. Since compost helps improve soil structure and increases water retention, it also helps the plant to develop healthier roots that can spread deep and wide. These roots can extract nutrients from the water in a more efficient way and make your harvest tastier.

Long-term studies in both China and India show that apart from increasing yields, compost was also more effective at increasing the nutrient content within each crop. Compost was also able to bring down plant mortality rate. That means fewer empty calories get on your plate.   

8. You save money – Chemical fertilizers used to be the cheapest option on the market for adding nutrients to your soil. While you saved a few bucks, you did more long-term damage to your soil and the plants you grew on it were less nutritious. This means you will spend tens of thousands of dollars in the future to change the polluted soil in your garden and create a delicate microbial ecosystem in it. However, all that has changed with Less Mess premium compost. It’s organic, has a competitive price, and allows you to save money both in the short and long term.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Less Mess premium compost feeds your soil with nutrients, changes the structure of the soil in favorable ways, and does all that without harming the environment. You can amend the soil in your garden with this compost. On the other hand, if you need soil, you can search for “topsoil near me” and buy some from the nearest store.