In the future, vertical housing is a solution in the midst of land constraints that occur in several big cities. There are many types of vertical housing, such as apartments, flats and condominiums. Then what are the differences between these dwellings. 


An apartment is a residence consisting of a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and so on, which are on one floor of a large and luxurious multi-storey building, equipped with various facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, shop, and others.  


The condo is a large, luxurious, multi-storey building for rent; apartment. So in practice, the owner of the condominium unit has the right to do anything, for example, to rent or sell to other people. 

Condos can be an alternative investment, while apartments are more like residential houses. Moreover, currently many mortgage loans (KPR) are provided by various Property Agents for those of you who want to have their own private residence.  


The definition of a flat is a multi-storey building in an environment which is divided into sections that are functionally structured, both horizontally and vertically, and are units that each can be owned and used separately, especially for equipped dwellings. with common parts, common objects and common ground. 

During its development, the community recognizes home as multi-story housing for the lower middle class.